Extract from the inventory of objects of 2006 of the Kantonale Denkmalpflege Graubünden (cantonal historic monuments section of Grisons):

The Engihuus is situated in the Valendas village centre. The oldest part of the building is a small farmhouse with a brick Feuerhaus (fire building) and a rope-constructed residential and sleeping section, which dates from the year 1517 based on a dendrochronological analysis. It forms the southern, fountain-oriented wing of today’s building complex. At a later point in time, an inversely corresponding building was built which was linked to the original building with a central development wing. The gabled façade of the building is oriented towards the Brunnenplatz (fountain square), although there is only one direct access to the former Wirtsstube (lounge of the inn) from there. The main entrance lies on the axis of the middle corridor and opens towards the cantonal road.
Around 1674, an annex, with a loggia oriented towards the Brunnenplatz (fountain square), was added in the westward direction using rope construction (Strickbauweise). Today’s appearance of the façades tracts back to a renovation in the late 19th century.

It is only partially handed down to us, what the building has experienced in all these years. For sure, it was first used as a farmstead, thereafter as inn «Stern» („star“) and as village store. The last owner was named Engi and gave the building its until recently customary name „Engihuus“. Engi was the last postman registered in the official timetable who delivered the post with a team of horses daily up to Dutjen. Newspaper report

For some 20 years, the building was unoccupied and was involved in the historic village shape of Valendas only through its façade. In 2009, the municipality of Valendas donated the Engihuus to the foundation Valendas Impuls with the proviso that the historic building be used in the interest of the village community. The Gasthaus am Brunnen (Inn at the Fountain) shall help to secure work in the village and to generate – together with the project «faszinatur Valendas Rheinschlucht» direct added value for farmers, tourism providers, people involved in culture, local suppliers and creative minds.

For the renovation and expansion, the renowned architect and ETH professor from the Grisons, Gion A. Caminada could be retained. What a stroke of luck for Valendas! It is a matter of particular concern to him to transform the building in a way that it meets the modern standards of its future users and that it fits harmoniously into the context of the village centre. It is due to his architecture that it will be possible to achieve what the foundation hopes for: The reconstruction of a building worthy of protection and the creation of a vibrant meeting place in the village, which forms strong bonds between the local people and friends of Valendas and grows a powerful community.